Православен гробищен парк "Св. Архангел Михаил"

All events on the territory of the Orthodox Cemetery Park "St. Archangel Michael" will be held following the requirements of the Ministry of Health with the order РД-01-677/25.11.2020г.

Rental of Urn Niche

The park has a columbarium wall that has 4000 cells. Boyana Park Sofia LTD offers the rent of single urn niches (for 4 standard urns with size 20x30cm with included granite slab) or family urn columns with three or four urn niches ( each is for 6 standard urns of size 20x30cm and included granite slabs).
An urn niche user  in the Orthodox Cemetery Park St. Archangel Michael “may be any natural or legal person who has signed a lease with Boyana Park Sofia LTD (owner and operator of the cemetery park) in front of a public notary being signed at the administrative building. The term of the contract may not be less than 200 (two hundred) years. Each user signs the General Terms and Conditions, as well as other forms related to the use of the burial plot to the Lease Agreement – please see all documents related to the lease agreement. The urn niches are distributed in different price ranges depending on their arrangement along the rows of the columbarium wall. For information, please see here:

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Mobile: +359 885 261 604
e-mail: s.karlikova@boyanapark.com

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