Православен гробищен парк "Св. Архангел Михаил"

Dear customers, although there is planned road closure of “ Daskal Stoian Popandreev street", there is still access to the Orthodox Cemetery Park ‘ St Archangel Michael’. Please follow the road signs which are placed in the area and direct traffic to “Boyana Park Street".

Sofia City 1616
Sq. Boyana
4 Boyana Park Street
+359 2 44 00 703
buses #63 and #64
Snezhina Karlikova
/Customer Contact/
+359 885 261 604
Maria Petrova
+359 888 539 040

BOYANA PARK SOFIA LTD does not offer funeral services outside the main activity of the cemetery park, therefore it provides to the attention of its clients the names and telephones of some of the existing funeral agencies on the territory of Sofia.

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